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Water damage encompasses a large number of potential losses caused by water intruding into a property where it will attack materials causing destruction; when this happens fast water damage restoration services performed by our certified water damage Chicago company is absolutely necessary to prevent further deterioration. When water comes into contact with your home your hardwoods can begin to rot, metal can rust, and materials can de-laminate within hours. This is why our water damage Chicago team from 911 Restoration responds within 45 minutes of all calls so we can begin water extractions immediately and minimize the damage.

When water damage in Chicago occurs our technicians first determine what category of water is present, and what the class of water is. Knowing these facts will enable our water damage Chicago crew members to know just how to treat and restore the water damage problem.

There are three main categories of water that include:

  • Category One: “Clean water” that poses no immediate health risks to people and that comes from cleaner sources like fire sprinklers or an overflowing sink.
  • Category Two: “Gray water” that contains moderate levels of bacteria and has the potential to make people sick. It can derive from a dishwasher burst or garbage disposal discharge.
  • Category Three: “Black water” that has elevated levels of bacteria and diseases that carries great risk for making people violently ill. It can contain feces, toxic waste, biological and chemical waste, as well as e Coli and hepatitis. It comes from sewage spills and contaminated ground water floods.

Our water damage Chicago technicians are licensed, insured and bonded to handle all of these water categories and safely pump the water from your property and fully restore it back to its pre-loss condition. Another thing that our water damage Chicago professionals analyze is the water classification. The class of water damage depends highly on the rate of evaporation. Water damage Chicago specialists can determine this by examining the type of effected materials within the flooded space to help determine what type of equipment and methods to use in the water damage restoration process. There are four classes of water damage that include:

  • Class 1 – A slow rate of evaporation that only impacts a portion of the room with minimal absorption by the property’s materials.
  • Class 2 – A fast rate of evaporation that where an entire room is impacted where carpets are drenched and there may be water up the walls by 24 inches.
  • Class 3 – The fastest rate of evaporation in which water generally intrudes from overhead impacting the entire area including the walls, floor, ceiling, insulation and more.
  • Class 4 – Specialty drying situations with low prosperity incorporating concrete, hardwoods, plaster, and crawlspaces that requires incredibly low and specific humidity levels to successfully dry the structure.

Regardless of the class of water damage you are dealing with or the category, contacting our water damage Chicago company is paramount to preventing worse chaos like mold growth or structural damage, so call 911 Restoration today for fast same day service, 365 days a year.

Can Water Damage Cause Mold?

Water damage in Chicago is the number one cause for mold growth in the Windy City and surrounding areas, which is why our water damage Chicago technicians are all IICRC certified to perform the best mold removal and remediation services. The causes for mold growth are also the causes for water damage in homes and businesses. According to our water damage Chicago operatives most water damage disasters that spawn mold growth come from:

  • Pipe freeze
  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing failures
  • Appliance bursts and ruptured hoses
  • Basement flooding
  • Water heater leak
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Cracks in slab and foundation
  • Failed sump pumps
  • Pipe burst
  • Snow melt off
  • Storm damage

When our water damage Chicago specialists arrive well under an hour from the time you called we will perform a free inspection of your property and use industrial strength testing equipment to detect any mold spores that may be embedded in your walls or ceiling. We treat every call with a sense of urgency because even something like a slow pipe leak can cause enough water damage to unleash black mold in your home and cause health problems in your family like congestion, rashes, and headaches. Our water damage Chicago company can even treat black water damage from sewage spills, so call us today and let us make all the difference in restoring your home to something spectacular from the pangs of water damage!

Who can I call for Sewer Water Damage?

When you are facing sewer water damage you need to call our water damage Chicago team from 911 Restoration because we have over 35 years of experience performing category three water cleanup. When our water damage Chicago pros initiate sewage backup and cleanup services we do so with expedited care because we know firsthand how dangerous contaminated black water is to your home’s floors and to your family’s health. Category three water damage requires specialized equipment to perform water removal services, and industrial strength cleaning products strong enough to kill the disease and bacteria while being gentle enough not to strip the varnish of your floors. Because sewage water damage encompasses a great degree of risk to human health, our water damage Chicago crew members wear full HAZMAT gear and under no circumstances should you try cleaning sewage on your own. With nearly four decades of experience, our 911 Restoration experts are the best suited to handle water damage in Chicago, even from fires, so call now for fast service!

Who can I call for Fire and Water Damage?

Fire and water damage requires the service of industry specialists trained and certified to handle comprehensive losses that mingle large volumes of water with burned structures, which is why you should call our water damage Chicago company without delay. When our 911 Restoration water removal specialists perform fire and smoke damage restoration services we dispatch our highly trained water damage Chicago crew members who are masters at:

  • Removing soot from upholstered furniture
  • Carpet and draperies restoration
  • Charred surface restoration
  • Ashy water removal and drying
  • Odor removal and smoke removal
  • Chemical cleanup
  • Documentation restoration
  • Art restoration
  • Corrosion control
  • Electronics cleaning

Our water damage Chicago company has a wealth of experience and a background build from rigorous training that makes us your best choice for covering all the bases in a home that has been damaged by water and fire. Our skilled water damage project managers are number one in the industry and have been restoring residences and large commercial buildings from fire and water damage since 1978, and because we value professionalism and always put the customer first, you will be completely satisfied with our quality of craftsmanship and our superior customer service dedication. When it comes to your property you deserve the best water damage company in Chicago, so call us today!

What is the Best Water Damage Company in Chicago?

The best water damage Chicago company is easily 911 Restoration because we have more experience than any other company in Chicagoland. With almost 40 years of experience our water damage Chicago professionals bring top-quality customer care and total work perfection. For example, we work with all insurance companies and we will even file your water damage claim for you. When our water damage Chicago experts perform disaster restoration services we follow a strict code of steps for a cleaning process making us the best water damage company in Chicago that includes:

  1. Evaluating what cleaning process to use
  2. Determine the most cost effective cleaning and restoration method
  3. Assigning the right team specialized in the circumstance
  4. Determining the right restoration tools and cleaning products
  5. Incorporating the appropriate cleaning solutions
  6. Launching the Five-Step Cleaning Process
  7. Perform quality control throughout the process
  8. Inspect for soot, carbon, and odor elimination
  9. Final inspection by project manager
  10. Ensure customers are 100 percent satisfied

When our water damage Chicago team gets to work we perform the five steps of water damage restoration that encompasses time, temperature, volume, mechanical and chemical. These considerations are made to ensure you get the best quality work at an affordable price no matter what.

When you call our 911 Restoration water damage Chicago company you will have the best service experience of your life thanks to the fact that:

  • We are available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • We respond in 45 minutes or less
  • We offer a free inspection and quote
  • We are a restoration company that does it all
  • We use the latest drying technology
  • We use American-based call centers
  • All of our techs are uniformed and arrive in company marked trucks
  • We use satellite communications en route to all calls
  • We are certified, insured, bonded and licensed
  • We can make your home even better than it was prior to the loss

Our water damage Chicago company prides itself of performing top quality water extractions and restoration work to return properties to a condition that far surpasses what the property owner had to begin with. This is what makes us stand apart from the competition; while they return your home back to its pre-loss condition, we work with homeowners to reinvent the space so it can offer more enjoyment for the family. Call 911 Restoration today and let our water damage Chicago experts treat you with the best care in the industry!

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