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Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Chicago

Water Damage Restoration Chicago

Commercial Restoration Mold RemovalWhen water damage makes its way into your residential or commercial property in Chicago it can be extremely stressful for property owners. The water damage restoration team at 911 Restoration of Chicago is ready to provide peace of mind during this time and get you on the path to a fresh start.

It is important to respond quickly when dealing with water damage due to the potential risk and further damage it can cause. In order to offer Chicago residents the highest level of water damage restoration in the industry, 911 Restoration’s team is available 24/7, 365 days per year. When property owners call the highly trained IICRC technicians for water damage restoration services, they can expect prompt service. The team will arrive onsite within 45 minutes of the initial phone call and begin by providing an assessment of the property’s damage. From there, the proper course of action will be determined and water damage restoration services will be applied.

Get on the path to a fresh start and peace of mind by calling the water damage restoration experts at 911 Restoration of Chicago. The highly trained water damage restoration team has the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to provide property owners with emergency restoration services.

Emergency Restoration Services in Chicago

Commercial Restoration TechniciansWater damage can result from a wide range of causes. Often times, it can be hard to determine where the water is coming from or how to dispose of it. However, the longer water allows to sit the more likely it is to develop into a mold infestation or cause structural damage.

In order to prevent the need for additional water damage restoration services like mold removal, it is important to seek emergency restoration services as quickly as possible.

Many property owners will face issues like basement flooding and sewage backups. These issues will require certain techniques and equipment in order to be restored. A few common causes behind water damage like flooding are:

    • Faulty plumbing. Water damage restoration is often needed due to plumbing issues. It’s important to have your plumbing systems regularly examined to make sure there are not any potential issues at hand. If you begin to notice a water bill that seems unusually high, there may be a leak in your property’s plumbing system. Be sure to check around the bathrooms for any soft spots or moisture. There may be loose flooring as well. If you believe your property has damage from plumbing, call the water damage restoration team in Chicago as soon as possible.
    • Washing machine and appliance leaks. Many property owners don’t usually think about appliances unless they are using them. But, when a washing machine is damaged or begins to leak, over 600 gallons of water could begin to flood a property within an hour which could lead to the need for serious water damage restoration services. Be sure to take good care of appliances in order to prevent the need for emergency restoration services.
    • Burst pipes. Chicago residents are no stranger to freezing temperatures. During the really cold months, pipes can freeze and burst which can cause serious structural damage. Be sure to protect the pipes in your property to help combat this issue. If a burst pipe does occur and causes flooding, call the team at 911 Restoration for water damage restoration.

There are many causes behind water damage other than those listed above. Despite the cause, it is important to seek water damage restoration services from a team of highly trained professionals. When disaster strikes, call 911 Restoration of Chicago to get back to pre-damage condition.

Mold Removal Experts

Commercial Restoration PreparationAt times, water damage can go unnoticed for an extended period of time. The longer it sits, the worse the damage gets and the more likely a mold infestation has developed. 

Mold spores are everywhere and make their way indoors by attaching to clothing, pets and by coming through open windows. All these spores need to thrive and colonize is a water source. When water damage has gone unnoticed, there may be a chance your property needs mold removal as well.

The water damage restoration experts at 911 Restoration of Chicago know the signs to look for with infestations and how to provide proper mold removal services. When you choose our team for mold removal, benefits include:

    • Free visual mold inspection for property owners only
    • IICRC certified mold remediation
    • Professional inspection and sampling after mold removal
    • Structural drying and dehumidifying of the area where mold removal occurred
    • Highly trained technicians that will provide property owners with peace of mind

Mold removal should be left to the experts due to the fact it can have serious effects on health. The mold removal team at 911 Restoration is able to provide emergency restoration services in these cases. They have access to state-of-the-art equipment and gear that will allow safe mold removal services that are quick and efficient. Get back to pre-damage condition by calling the water damage restoration team for all of your mold removal services today!

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