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Fire Restoration Chicago

Chicago has a vast history with fire damage, especially with The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 being one of the biggest fire disasters on record. The blaze destroyed 3.3 square miles and resulted in $222 million in damage.

Technicians Cleaning Up Fire DamageMuch has changed in the city since 1871 regarding building codes and fire safety, but in a city the size of Chicago, there is bound to be a fire now and then in residential and commercial properties.

911 Restoration of Chicago understands the importance of fire restoration and they are prepared to offer their services the moment the fire department has put out the flames and deemed the property safe to re-enter.

The fire restoration team offers free fire damage assessments for property owners who have just recently experienced a disaster on their property. These inspections also address any water damage that may have been caused by the fire department.

It is important to the Chicago fire restoration professionals that they provide complete property restoration services. This way you can feel confident that every aspect of the fire and smoke damage is addressed by our experts.

911 Restoration of Chicago wants to be your main fire information center. So, call the fire restoration agents when you need smoke, soot, and ash removal by highly trained technicians and we will provide you with peace of mind during this chaotic time.

The Importance Of Quickly Removing Smoke Damage

After the firefighters put out the flames in your home or business, the best way to deal with the damage left your property is to hire the Chicago fire restoration techs who can provide acidic smoke removal services.

Fire Fighters Putting Out A Local House FireSmoke can be a destructive force in a home or business, staining walls and ceilings, covering furniture, and permeating the interior with a strong odor.

The longer smoke lingers inside of a property the worse the effects become, which is why it is so important to hire a professional fire restoration team as soon as possible after the fire has taken place.

911 Restoration of Chicago is capable of all fire restoration services, so you can trust in our ability to provide complete property restoration, no matter how bad the destruction may be.

Whether the fire started from a natural disaster or due to an electrical wiring accident, the experts can implement the smoke, soot, ash, and smoke removal services you need to get your property back into its original, clean condition.

It is important to also understand that smoke in your property can uproot many other problems, including water damage, wood floor destruction, and family displacement. 911 Restoration of Chicago knows the difficulties associated with a property fire and smoke damage, so they make sure to provide their customers with a team that genuinely cares and understands your needs. So, call the fire restoration experts when you need the most thorough smoke removal services in Chicago.

Water Damage Is A Big Part Of Successful Fire Restoration

Often when the flames are out, a property owner is quick to call a restoration company without realizing the need for specialists who also administer water damage restoration.

Fire Restoration Van At A Commercial Job SiteThe fire department has to put out the flames by causing a flood inside of your property with their fire hoses. Fires spread faster than water damage, so firefighters are less focused on the future of your property and more concerned about its present state.

Once the flames are out, the first step is to make sure that you have permission from the fire department to proceed with repair and restoration. At this point, the fire restoration team will step in to provide a free visual inspection for property owners.

The Chicago experts act as your own personal fire information center and can answer any questions you may have concerning fire and water damage. We urge you to contact us as soon as you need assistance, whether it be smoke cleanup or water damage restoration.

We always put the customer, not only with the restoration work but help them with filing their insurance claim. The staff will provide a free insurance consultation to any customer who needs assistance. By providing you with comprehensive fire restoration services, the highly trained technicians at 911 Restoration of Chicago will provide you with the fresh start you deserve after a fire has taken place. So, give us a call today!

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