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Cabin Fever Means Cabin Cleanup

Published by SEO on June 9, 2015 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags: , ,

Cabin Fever Means Cabin Cleanup

June is a time when the kids are out of school, the weather is fine and the living is easy. But occasionally during this summer month in Chicagoland, the weather can turn nasty and even a perfect June day can be spoiled with what seems like endless rain. After the TV gets boring and you want to do something more active than lounge around, yet still something inside so you don’t get soaked, then you might want to take on some home improvement projects, or even some preventative measures in case the June gloom gets even worse and forces a flood into your home when you least expect it. So here are some things that you can do to stave off cabin fever while still stuck inside.

Preventative Tips:

  • Try to make sure that the rubber hoses and gaskets that connect the water lines to your appliances are in perfect working condition so that they don’t split and fray and end up causing a water leak.
  • Make sure that the seals around all of your windows are intact and that they haven’t experienced any sun rot, splitting, fracturing, or anything that might introduce moisture inside your home if left unchecked.
  • Check your attic while it’s raining to make sure that nothing is leaking inside your home. What better time than during June gloom anyway right!
  • Inspect your ducts to check for large buildup of detritus and other particulate that may end up in your lungs when you turn the air on. If there is any lingering in here you can contact a professional air duct cleaning service, or you can do it yourself with a broom and the vacuum cleaner if you’re feeling up to the task.
  • Inspect your pipes for any rusting, wear, tear or places that have kinks which might end up endangering a clog and thus a pipe burst when the water pressure builds up, or during the winter if it freezes.
  • Check your water heater to make sure that the hoses which go into it are tightly placed and that they don’t have any fraying, or damage of any sort that may result in a catastrophic failure.
  • June gloom is a perfect time to re-caulk the sealant around your bathtub and other bathroom features.

June is a great month for enjoying yourself, but when the rains come, it’s also a great month to get things done inside of the home. June gloom is perfect for all those preventative measures that you can take, but it’s also a great month for doing some cleaning projects too like, organizing the garage, sweeping the crawlspace, or reinforcing any foundation cracks that may have formed over the years. June gloom doesn’t have to be all bad, if you finish all of these tasks there’s still plenty of TV to watch too. No matter what, make sure to have fun.

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