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Fire and Smoke Damage: Inside the Fire

Published by 911 Restoration Chicago on July 10, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair

With the advances in cameras and filming technology, there have been many rare videos captured recently that never would have been possible before. For instance, a film surfaced on Youtube depicting a firefighter’s dangerous job, and it looks like that house is going to need some serious fire damage restoration. Using a helmet-cam, the viewer gets a firsthand look of what it is like to brave the flames of a house fire. If you ever find yourself in such a grave situation, evacuate the premises and call the fire department for help. Once the brave men and woman quell the blaze, contact professional fire and smoke damage Chicago experts to repair your property, and keep in mind, you will probably need water damage restoration as well.

How do you Repair a Property after a Blaze?

After a blaze, the fire and smoke damage Chicago professionals will wait until a fire marshal deems an area  safe before they repair the property, but once they are in the building, the process includes, sanding, replacing, and restoring. Buffing our light damage is easy enough for an experienced disaster restoration team. This simply removes the carbon scarring on wood and other parts of the house. Once that is complete, a bit of touch up paint could be all that’s left to complete the repair. In many cases, though, the destruction lies much deeper, such as what is shown in the video. In this case, support beams, cabinetry, and flooring may have to be replaced. This is a much more intensive situation that starts with more destruction before restoration. The workers will have to get behind drywall and may have to excavate the foundation to uproot ruined supports. Once they’re out, new ones come in, the drywall is replaced, and the foundation set. If you choose the right company, you may never notice that a fire ever occurred.  If you want the simplest restoration experience, request the aid of a full disaster company that can perform fire and water repair.

Why do I Need Water Repair after a Fire?
As witnessed in the helmet-cam video, firefighters need to use a substantial amount of water to shut down a blaze, thus, after a fire, you need water repair because whatever did not get burned in your home, got soaked. In many ways, the processes are the same. Water logged support beams cannot be trusted to hold your roof up for long, so they will probably be replaced. Simple water stains can mostly be remedied through sanding, drying, and repainting. However, the situations differ in the latter steps. Water damage that is not cleaned up by a professional can lead to mold growth. This is a sinister fungus that attacks your respiratory system, almost like left over smoke. This infestation will grow and get worse after the fact. In order to protect your property and your health, be sure to pick the perfect fire and smoke damage Chicago company.

How do I Pick the Perfect Fire and Smoke Damage Chicago Company?

You can pick the perfect fire and smoke damage Chicago company by looking for reviews, history, and training. You want to find a team with a slew of good reviews so that you know you’re in good hands. Whichever experts you decide to go with should have over 35 years of experience. This embeds them in the restoration industry. With this kind of knowledge, they’ve studied and lived the process enough to know which techniques work and which don’t without following the herd to latest trends. Finally, check for a company licensed, insured, and bonded with the EPA, EAA, IICRC, and the CRA. These are the top organizations that mandate restoration guidelines and it will show that your company is professional in their work. Their certificates should run the gamut of water, fire, mold, and disaster restoration services so that they can aid you with whatever problems are found. Remember, fire is nothing to trifle with. If you ever find your property aflame, make the first call to the fire department and the second to fire and smoke damage Chicago professionals.

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