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Water Damage and Restoration: Raising the Costa Concordia

Published by 911 Restoration Chicago on July 14, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration

In 2012 the Costa Concordia, an Italian cruise ship, made headlines when it ran into the Island of Gigilo. 32 people lost their lives when the boat sank. Recently, a project has been undertaken to dredge the ship and move it to a salvage yard to be sold as parts. A sad day for a once proud ship. The water damage services that ship would need are extensive, but whatever parts the ship’s owner, Costa Crociere, can sell to make up some of the loss, they will. While you will hopefully never be subject to leaks of this extent, floods happen to everyone. To avoid a similar disaster in your own property, call in a professional water damage Chicago company as soon as you suspect even the smallest water emergency.

How will the Costa Concordia be Raised?

The current idea to raise the ship starts by forcing water into 30 boxile compartments welded to the hull. This is an attempt to make the base of the ship lighter than the water surrounding it. It is projected to buoy at 11m. At that point, four decks will be above sea level. The process will take a couple weeks, but once they have surfaced enough  of the Costa Concordia, Costa Crociere plans on towing it to a harbor where they will strip it.

A flood that sinks your house does not necessarily mean you have to sell it for parts. With the best water damage Chicago crew on your side using the latest drying technology, you could find yourself with the same great property even after such a tragedy. The important part is finding a company that is licensed, inured, and bonded with over 35 years of experience. This proves they have what it takes to handle such an escalated problem. All is not lost during a pipe burst. A little water removal can go a long way.

What Happened to the Costa Concordia?

Francesco Schettino, the captain of the ship, attempted an ill-advised maneuver when leaving the Island of Gigilo and smashed against a group of rocks that were not marked on his map. Schettino currently awaits trial in Tuscany for manslaughter and abandoning the ship. Once its outer walls shattered and water poured into the lower levels, the Concordia listed until it was half submerged. Its starboard rooms were flooded. In September, the Costa Concordia was set upright in a 24 hour operation that enlisted experts from 20 nations.

While your property won’t spring a leak the same way, negligence can lead to disaster. It is important to always insulate your plumbing during winter months, check your sump pumps in case of emergency, and clean rain gutters at least twice a year. Many water damage Chicago professionals offer a free inspection and may do all of this at no charge or at an affordable price. Water extractions are normal jobs in the Midwest, but you can keep sewage backup and storms out of your home by investing in sewage backflow valve and emergency roof repair when needed. Be sure to call professionals to handle the job so you can stay safe during the next storm.

What was Special about the Costa Concordia?

The Costa Concordia was a very special ship, and unfortunately compared to the infamous Titanic in more ways than one, such as being the largest Italian passenger boat ever built. It housed four swimming pools, and more than nine decks. Like any modern cruise ship, it was full of entertainment, eateries, and gift shops.  Currently, it rests at 31m below sea level on six steel platforms.  

The story of the Costa Concordia is nothing short of a tragedy. Though a house flood will not cause as much destruction as sinking a 290m ship, you should always be wary of this ever-present threat. Keep a water damage Chicago experts on speed dial so that, if you ever start to take on water, you can be prepared.

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